Our Home - New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand, our home. We are blessed to live in this land!

New Zealand is composed of two large islands, known as the North & South Islands, and lots of smaller islands off their coasts and further afield, sitting in the western half of the South Pacific Ocean, nearly 2,000 kms to the east of Australia.

As gardeners, we are very lucky to live in such a fascinating environment, in which we are able to grow an incredibly diverse range of plants. 

Over the coming months, in this section we will share some of our favourite places with you.

Living in a country with an amazing diversity of climates and geology, both of which are highly dynamic, creates many opportunities from a gardener's perspective. However, it does have its challenges when tropical or Antarctic storms, earthquakes or volcanic eruptions occur. Here in Northland, we are most fortunate to be less affected than other regions of New Zealand by all of these events, except for the occasional tropical storm.