Daniel’s gardening journey began at the age of 5, when he had his first patch of a couple square metres to tend within his family’s larger garden. With the help of an older, experienced gardener to teach him, Daniel successfully grew carrots, strawberries, tomatoes cucumbers and lettuce – all his favorites.

Daniel’s first garden was also a film set. His family had decided to film the story of growing gardens to create online educational resources for people around the world who want to learn – children and adults. So, as well as learning to garden, Daniel began learning how to present gardening knowledge and stories to camera.

Around the same time, Daniel’s older brother, Brendan, was inspired to create a children’s garden. Daniel and some friends helped Brendan with this project.

Over the following years, Daniel helped in the family gardens as needed. He also helped in the large (1 acre) community garden that his family was involved with.

In spring 2017 at the age of 10, Daniel took over running the Jungle Garden from Brendan. Daniel’s Jungle Garden series is currently running on Facebook. In his Jungle Garden series, Daniel is again bringing his skill of presenting to camera together with gardening, using his garden as a focal point for teaching and inspiring others.