Our Story

Kia ora! 

3kiwis finalWe are Ashley, Brendan and Colin, Kiwi Gardeners spanning 3 generations, living in beautiful Northland, New Zealand. Thank you for visiting our site. We believe we have a unique view of the world and some interesting practical ideas to share, and we appreciate you taking the time to explore these with us. 

We would like to introduce you to our identity as “Kiwi Gardeners” and what being “Kiwi” means to us. Many people know of the kiwifruit, a fuzzy subtropical fruit loaded with Vitamin C. Some may be aware of the endangered, flightless bird species native to New Zealand, given the name “kiwi” by the indigenous Maori people, that has become a national symbol of New Zealand. For us, “Kiwi” expresses our unique identity in the world as New Zealanders, as we have been evolving our way of life on our remote South Pacific Islands over the generations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support you in creating:

Healthy, vibrant gardens where all the elements of the ecology work together
to produce an abundance of quality, nutrient-rich food in enduring ways in the available space  
allowing for your unique situation and personal circumstances.

To achieve this, we Work with DesignEngage in Research and Facilitate Learning.

Welcome to New Zealand, our home. We are blessed to live in this land!

New Zealand is composed of two large islands, known as the North & South Islands, and lots of smaller islands off their coasts and further afield, sitting in the western half of the South Pacific Ocean, nearly 2,000 kms to the east of Australia.

As gardeners, we are very lucky to live in such a fascinating environment, in which we are able to grow an incredibly diverse range of plants. 

Over the coming months, in this section we will share some of our favourite places with you.