Keys to Nutrition

Many elements contribute to successfully growing an abundance of nutrient-rich food, and over time a gardener can learn to work with them all. When you begin to grow your own food, this can be a very big challenge, but if you first focus on the most important elements, it gets much easier.  

However, it is not enough to just focus on ONLY one or a few of these key elements. It is essential to work with a holistic, whole-systems view, giving equal focus to each of the elements and their interrelationships in your ecology. From science and personal experience, we have learned that each of these elements, as well as their relationships to one another, are of equal importance.

We believe the following 6 elements are the essential keys to successfully grow an abundance of nutrient-rich food:

Keys to Nutrition Elements Final

We are working and experimenting with all of these elements, in all of the gardens we work with, all the time. We will share on this page highlights of some of the discoveries we have already made and new ones we make as we continue to explore these fascinating dynamics. 

However, if you join the DISCOVERY GARDEN CIRCLE you will receive updates on our activities exploring the keys to successfully grow an abundance of nutrient-rich food, including our current research projects and experiments as they are happening. As well as receiving all the other great benefits of joining the "fellowship of gardeners" in the Discovery Garden Circle that will help you and gardeners everywhere be more successful at growing quality, chemical-free, nutrient-rich food.

Also we are developing an integrated learning package that incorporates these 6 key elements, to provide you with support in working with them in cohesive and practical ways. To learn about our up coming online education courses click here.