Each week the Jungle Garden Story unfolds further... 

 If you have just discovered us, I invite you to view my "Welcome to the Jungle Garden" video below.

If you would like to follow more of my Jungle Garden adventures, here are all the episodes from Season One, so far.

Episode 2:  Discovering the Garden Site and the Babaco Tree

Episode 3:  The First Salad, Clearing the Garden and a Soil Assessment

Episode 4: To Dig or not to Dig?, a Double Dig and Sweet Corn

Episode 5. Orange Tomaotes and the "Double Dig" Dance

Episode 6. The Mystery Vine and a simple lesson in "How to Raid a Garden"

Episode 7. The Circle of the Seeds: From Planting to Harvest Seeds

Episode 8. Climbing Frames in the Jungle

Episode 9. A visit from Ashley the Travelling Gardener

You can follow all my Jungle Garden adventures either on our Website, or on Facebook, or directly on our channel in YouTube.

If you want to listen to what my Mom has to say about the health benefits of the various crops that my fellow Kiwi Gardeners and I are growing, you can watch the Superfood of the Week video .

If you are really keen to become a gardener for the first time, or to improve on your existing gardening skills, be it in a pot or in a small to large garden in the earth, to learn more about how my fellow Kiwi Gardeners and I can practically support you in growing your own nutrient-rich Superfoods, please Go Here.

Please note: when you are watching my videos that there are many lessons to be learned from my experiences and helpful knowledge and skills I can share with you, BUT you need to use a critical eye when assessing what is useful to you and only take and apply what is relevant and practical for you.