Container Garden Mix FAfter growing food in gardens in the earth for 50 years, I've decided to turn my hand to growing food in pots. I realise how fortunate I have been, always having enough area to be able to grow in the earth. But in today's world, for those of you living in cities and large towns, there is very little earth left to grow in. So, I have taken up the challenge over the last 3 years of applying the principles we work with to growing nutrient-rich food in a pot.

Join me in this new twist in my gardener's journey, in my Patio Garden and "container garden laboratory".

I will be sharing some highlights on this page. However, if you join the DISCOVERY GARDEN CIRCLE you will be able to:

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and receive all the other great benefits of joining the "fellowship of gardeners" in the Discovery Garden Circle that will help you and gardeners everywhere be more successful at growing quality, chemical-free, nutrient-rich food.

I have a series of major research projects, with active experiments that specifically relate to Container Gardening, planned for the next year. Working with the key elements of water, soil & different types of containers and adapting them for the individual needs of a range of plants, I expect there will be lots to discover, learn and then put into practice for myself and gardeners everywhere, and especially for those who become a member of the DISCOVERY GARDEN CIRCLE.  


Introducing the Preliminary Research Project I already have underway:

What Plants Can I Grow In A Pot?

Aloe vera1 FPineapple1 F

For the photo for Container Gardening on the Home Page, I gathered a collection of plants I am currently doing a simple experiment with to see how they generally perform growing in basic pots  under basic conditions. So far all the plants are all growing well...we'll keep watching them to see what happens over time.

The plants I am experimenting with include: pepper, coriander, wild celery, parsley, basil, rocket, lettuce, kale, eco flowers, feijoa, tomato, raspberry, pineapple, blueberry, stevia, aloe vera, turmeric, rosemary and marigold. To follow is a series of photos showing each plant.  

I will share with you the highlights of the stories of each of these plants, how they are performing in my situation and lessons we can all learn from this.