Growing Gardeners in Northland

In this section we share the stories of our own gardens and those of our friends in Northland whom we have been supporting in growing nutrient-rich food. This shows a wide diversity of situations, so you can see first hand how the principles we work with are adapted to each garden. Living in Northland, New Zealand the variations in the environment can be significant even though all of the gardens we work with are within a 100kms (60 miles) of each other. And when we add the personal circumstances of each person into the mix, we have an amazing amount of diversity in a small area.

There are many lessons to be learned from our experiences and helpful knowlege and skills we can share with you, BUT you need to use a critical eye when assessing what is useful to you and only take and apply what is relevant and practical for your unique situation.

BrendanFWelcome to my Jungle Garden! I began playing in my parents' garden when I was two, and I've learned a lot since then. When my family moved to Northland and created a new garden (I was seven), I claimed one of the garden beds to grow the food I wanted to grow in the ways I wanted to grow it. With this experience, I created a bigger garden the next year with the help of my friends. When my family moved to a farm a few years ago, I found an old abandoned garden area and decided to make a new garden in it. With the help of friends, I set about to create the Jungle Garden, growing only food I like to eat, and I’ve come to realise that the food I grow actually tastes a lot better than food we buy from the supermarket. I've been filming the story of creating this garden and I am excited to finally be able to share it with you. 


Ashley Garden FHi, I’m Ashley. I’ve been gardening for over 20 years, 4 of which I spent managing an inner-city organic garden in Auckland, NZ. For the past 8 years, I have owned and operated a market garden in Northland, growing quality organic vegetables for my family, friends and farmers’ market customers. I am now entering a new phase, in which my priority will be supporting other gardeners in growing their own nutrient-rich food. I look forward to taking on the mission of helping to “grow gardeners”, working with people on the ground in Northland, as well as offering an online gardening education package with my fellow Kiwi Gardeners.