What is design?

For us as Kiwi Gardeners, design is a process that gives us a practical framework within which to apply our core principles of ecology and provides the easiest route to achieving the goal of producing an abundance of nutrient-rich food in an enduring, ecological way, and in supporting you to achieve this for yourself.

The design process involves a series of steps that you can follow to ensure the decisions you make give the best results possible in your situation, and over time make it much easier to adapt and make improvements as the environment you are working with evolves and/or your circumstances change.


Why design?


In simple terms, if you think before you act and, more importantly in our view, if you think ecology before you act, you have a much higher chance of success. Although this takes some effort in the beginning, over time it makes it much easier to achieve your goals.

Working with design allows us to harmonize creativity and innovation with science and experimentation to make the best decisions and practically apply them to give a high probability of success in any situation. In contrast, our experience is that following predetermined “recipes” based on any of the wide selection of growing “methods” promoted in today’s world has at best a 50/50 chance of succeeding in any individual situation, even when followed exactly as given. Therefore, of the two options, working with design enables you find the best solution for your individual situation and personal circumstances and gives you a much higher chance of success.


The Design Process We Use

We specifically work with an ecology-centred design process aligned with the work of visionary pioneer and leading advocate of such an approach, Dennis Scott. As a landscape architect, nurseryman and designer, Dennis, like us, holds ecology at the heart of his actions. With over 40 years of “hands on” practical work experience involving hundreds of projects, he has developed and refined a totally integrated, holistic design philosophy and practical method of applying it based on ecological thinking.

Working with this very wide ranging, all-encompassing vision, we have applied it to our own mission of achieving an abundance of nutrient-rich food. Adapting the basic design process, we have evolved a style of working with it that honours and is aligned with Dennis’s ecology based design philosophy. From our many years of working with ecology and with growing an abundance of nutrient-rich food, we have found that working with a sound design process always gives you the best chance of success, so we believe it is the best starting point for anyone wanting to achieve these goals.

The first course we are offerring is "Design for Nutrition", which is the gateway to participating in our "Grow Your Own Nutrient-Rich Superfood" educational package. Learn more.


 IMG1319As Kiwi Gardeners, over many years of working with ecology and with our mission to support others in doing so as well, we have seen many different gardens, involving many different people, and from these experiences we have learned several key lessons: