Internships in Northland, New Zealand

OldBayInternsWSIn Northland, NZ the Kiwi Gardeners are working closely with Four Seasons Farms Inc., a local, not-for-profit group, to provide internships in the science and practice of growing an abundance of nutrient-rich food. Introductory Internships are offered at least once in each of the four seasons of the year. They provide participants with a 3 week introduction to the principles and practices of an ecology-centred approach to producing nutrient-rich food. Following the completion of this introduction, interns can then work with the Internship Coordinator to develop a personal programme from a range of options available, allowing them to go deeper into their ongoing journey of learning and gaining more skills and experience. The Internship Team Coordinator is currently Ashley, a Kiwi Gardener. Below is the introduction to the programme supplied by Four Seasons Farms.

DougsFarmWSFour Seasons Farms offers flexible internships in many aspects of ecology-centred approach to nutrient-rich food production, relevant to the season in which the internship takes place.

All interns first participate in a 3 week "Introduction to Producing Your Own Nutrient-Rich Food", where the basic principles and practices of an ecology-centred approach to producing nutrient-rich food are introduced.

On successfully completing this introduction, interns are able join the ongoing internship programme that we offer, as long as they and the Internship Coordinator consider it to be of benefit to themselves and the Four Season Farms community. This may be for a few weeks or for up to 6 months if a more in depth experience is desired.

There is a wide range of options for what interns may focus on when they join the ongoing programme, but the goal is to match the longer term interests of the intern with activities currently being undertaken by members of the Four Seasons Farms community.

Current Options include:

  • Container Gardens for the Urban Dweller
  • Kitchen Gardens for the Urban Dweller
  • Gardens on a Homestead/Small Holding
  • Fruit Trees for the Backyard: temperate to subtropical
  • Orchards for a Homestead/Small Holding: temperate to subtropical
  • Small Animal Care for the Backyard to Homestead/Small Holding, including chickens & pigs.
  • Seed Growing
  • Participating in a Community Seed Bank
  • Ecology-centred Design, for any scale of food production

These internships have been created for people who have a serious interest in being involved with efficient, enduring, nutrient-rich food production. This is a unique opportunity to build experience, skills and knowledge in a focused and facilitated way, drawing upon the in depth experience, skills and knowledge of the members of Four Seasons Farms. 

DougsGardenWSTo help obtain a solid foundation in the ecology-centred principles and practices of growing nutrient-rich food, the programme has been designed so that interns will:

  • stay with different hosts during their time with the Four Seasons Farms community
  • gain direct, practical experience in applying ecology-centred principles on individual host properties and through the community's activities
  • be part of a structured theoretical learning programme for the 3 week Introduction, then be able to create your own personalised theoretical learning programme as part of your ongoing internship.

Upcoming Internships:  New Zealand's Autumn, Winter & Spring 2017

We have limited internship places available over these coming seasons, so if you want more details and to learn how to apply, go here.