Online Learning

We are building a comprehensive online education package designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to grow an abundance of your own nutrient-rich "super" food.

The gateway to entering our world of learning is our "Design for Nutrition" course, in which we support you as you go through the first steps of understanding what is required to successfully grow an abundance of nutrient-rich "super" food. 



  • If you are new to gardening, this course will ensure that you start on the right path to becoming a successful gardener. We see this as a "Smart Start" to the beginning of your gardener's journey.
  • If you already have some experience in gardening, this course will set you on the path to being able to guarantee that you are growing the most nutrient-rich food possible in your circumstances.
  • And even if you are a very experienced gardener, it may be easy to grow an abundance of food, but there are certain things you must do to guarantee that the food you grow is nutrient-rich. This course covers the key elements that need to be addressed.


So whatever your starting point, we invite you to join us on our "Design for Nutrition" Course, through which we will be able to support you on your Gardener's Journey. 

"Design for Nutrition" Course

This course is based on our ecology-centred design process, which will give you a solid foundation for becoming a successful gardener growing an abundance of nutrient-rich "super" food. The course will be "live" for 6 weeks, so you can complete it at your own pace, as we will be providing full support throughout the 6 weeks. If you want to go faster, it is possible to complete the course by dedicating 3 full days to it, or you can spread it out as much as you like over the 6 weeks. The course has 2 stages. In the first stage, you will build an understanding of our approach and learn about the keys to growing nutrient-rich "super" food, while beginning to develop some specific skills. In the second stage, you will apply what you have learned to your own situation to complete your Action Plan. 

                                                                             The first stage is composed of 6 modules:


  • Module 1: Learn about and begin to work with our ecology-centred design process.
  • Module 2: Start working with you the gardener: your circumstances, your aspirations, your practical goals.
  • Module 3: Focus on the life in the garden: veggies, other plants, soil life and other life (either benefical or problematic).
  • Module 4: Focus on the environment: climate, landscape, water & soil and how each affects the quality of the food you grow.
  • Module 5: Learn about nutrients and their movement through the food chain and how this affects the quality of the food you grow.
  • Module 6: Bring all the elements together to acheive a clear, integrated understanding of what is required for the food you grow to actually be nutrient-rich. Then learn what you need to do to complete your own design in stage 2. 

                                                                              In each of these modules, you will be given the tools for assessing your own situation with regard to each of the key elements. 


The second stage is also flexible to meet your personal circumstances. You can progress quickly, or you can take your time and complete this phase at a slower pace, allowing more time for your own research and exploring of options. If you decide you are not ready to complete this stage within 6 weeks, you are welcome to join us at a later time when we offer the course again.

  • Part 1: Complete the assessments outlined in first stage. 
  • Part 2: Then follow the design process to create an Action Plan based on matching your goals with what is practical in your situation and circumstances.

Having spent this time working with design and "thinking ecology", you will have a foundation for growing nutrient-rich food for years to come. Our goal is that on completing this course, you will know significantly more about what the mission of growing your own nutrient-rich food actually requires, being realistic about doing the best you possibly can in your current circumstances and knowing what you will need to do to acheive even greater success in the future. 

We will be offering our first "DESIGN FOR NUTRITION" course in October, 2017