Our Mission

to improve people's health by helping to create healthy, eco-friendly gardens and small farms around the world that produce an abundance of quality, nutrient-rich fruit, herbs and vegetables  

Current Projects

Design for nutrition

Developing innovative, integrated online and hands-on education  

We are developing new approaches to teaching the knowledge and skills people need to be successful gardeners  in their specific local environments. Our first programs will be available in 2019.  Learn more

Engaging in research and experiments

Researching the keys to growing quality food  

We are doing practical research into the keys to producing an abundance of quality, nutrient-rich food in eco-friendly ways as part of an international collaboration.  
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Facilitating learning opportunities

Creating designs for healthy, eco-friendly gardens and small farms 

We use a wholistic, dynamic, integrated design approach to help achieve the most successful, efficient and enduring results producing the best quality food.
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About Us

We are Ashley, Brendan, Colin, Daniel and Doug. The ABC & Double D team of Kiwi Gardeners spanning 3 generations, living in Northland, New Zealand. We offer perspectives, practical ideas and decades of combined experience growing food and seed to help you become a more successful gardener wherever you live on the Earth.  
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